£90 down the drain

Or wherever that new mobile phone has ended up.

We think it fell out of my pocket yesterday afternoon on the local park but we've really no idea. I'm happy to say it had all PIN/phone/turn-on locks activated so whoever's got it will just chuck it away.

Arse. And I'd just put in alllllll the numbers as well. Pain!

So, today, we bought another mobile (on the O2 network this time ... so that's what o2 is, always wondered what the British Lions were poncing about with it plastered on their chests for). Cost £70 for the Samsung fella and £10 to make it actually go. Not sure what the number is yet as I can't seem to work that bit out ... oh, it was on the box which the nice man at their customer service centre (20p/min) pointed out to me.

The rest of the news. No job bites yet :-( Hot as buggery-oven which is making us all a tad grumpy and a lot sweaty and icky. Meg has touchch of a viral infection on her throat which gets her down at night but is surviving.

On the positive side ... um, I s'pose I am on holiday and don't have struggle into an airless office like the rest of the population. Am missing home though.

[Updated] Jack's just fallen down the stairs ... it never rains but it pours (which would actually be quite nice!) - he's all fine but scared the living crap out of me as I watchd his wee arms and legs flailing around as he bumped his way down


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