Blast from the Past: Perth

During Jude and my trip around NZ for the first time we spent a gloriously fun time on the Kiwi Experience bus and got to know a bunch of wicked people one of which was Anita. She was on the last leg of her trip back home to Perth after her OE in the UK-type land.

Living (and I mean living) in Sydney either side of the millennium changeover meant I was just that little bit closer to Perth and so a visit was always on the cards. And so I did, in style!

Anita was keen to ensure there was something fun happening and she mentioned that there was a Desperate and Dateless Ball (or whatever it was called) happening, how about we get tickets and have a blast. Cool! It was all run via an interweb site, you logged in, added ya names and some details about yourself and when you got the tickets they hooked you up with your date for the evening.

About 2 weeks before the actual do (in Perth) I got my date's details, Cara. I rang her to introduce myself and she was bemused that I was coming all the way from Sydney just for the Desperate and Dateless Ball ... as you would be.

The ball was fabulous, Cara was a great person, Anita was awesome and Perth rocked. In fact Perth is my second favourite Australian city (Sydney is first because it was home for 2 years).

Flickr: Mike with Perth skyline Flickr: Anita and the Perth skyline

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