Arriving here is a multi-faceted journey involving sex, rugby, Fawlty Towers and Julian Beevers

Like all good bloggers I track every movement of every second of ever reader that comes to this blog. I do this by installing software on your work and home computers, hooking it up to your digital watch and via the live satellite feed of your exact whereabouts via Google ... I use Google Analytics.

And, like all good bloggers, I am want to publish the finest of search entries that somehow ended up on a page created using my fair hand (in conjunction with the scanky hand) - here's the best over the past few weeks:

Rugby fixtures
Easily the top feeder of search results and people are looking for the fixtures both here in NZ (particularly the All Blacks) and the Southern Hempisphere but also the Northern Hemisphere and the 2007 World Cup in France. Everything you ever wanted to know is here and here.

(PS: Sorry if you ended up here searching for the FIFA World Cup ...)

Sex and things ever so slightly naughty
I don't tend to get the truly smutty stuff that Vicus, Martha and Llew get ... I am dissapointed :-( Anywho:
  • "false boobs" quiz spreadsheet
  • wet t-shirts photos
  • wank over family
  • smacked bottoms christchurch
  • pictures of nasty people
  • prostitutes in chepstow gwent
  • sex toys eftpos
  • rugby photo's nudity
  • naked soccer
  • girls gone wilkd
  • girls wet clothes
  • "wet jane"+
Not sure about the third one [shudder].

The rest I file in "Misc - Admin -General"
A fair number of you are looking for Fawlty Towers or WC Fields quotes - although they're on the "MiramarMike" blog so I'm sure how that works.
Others that are fairly topical include Tana and 'that' handbag, TradeMe bikinis (specially "Lisa Lewis") and snow in Christchurch - all good. "If it weren't for your gumboots ..." - very popular in many spellings and arrangments - all because of my New Zealand citizenship.
Mrs Jenny Brooks pops a few through - DON'T DO IT!

Oh, and who is "MissV"?

Favourites misc/admin/general include:
  • religious quotes it does not matter if you are heavily outnumbered in a fight involving martial - fair enough
  • i love my dads creditcard picture - all power to you but why search for it
  • "cosmic flux" contact info - I don't know what, why or how it involves me but I hope you managed to connect with them/it
  • 44 june,2006 email contacts of goat pen managers in uk - I really should look into what this ended up on
  • truly blessed pictures - there are a few, I trust you enjoyed them all
  • officer: dr.campbell williams,financial director - He's not here, sorry. If he drops by I'll let you know
  • lord of the rings - three horseshoes pub - this I love. Was there a special showing in a local and small Monmouth pub, did any of the stars turn up?
  • how to email a guy - ... um, anyone in particular or just "a" guy? My advice is to use the same method as you've used for "a girl" or "my mum" but replace the "To:" part with the actual email address of "a guy" and see what happens
  • old people tours chch nz - I'm shocked that this search ended up here on such a young and happening blog
  • master bates seaman staines - not true/urban legend, sorry


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