6 days to go

Yep, another countdown ... they seem to be quite prevalent at the moment, must be a post-election backlash by the pollsters ... or something else equally valid happening deep in my brain.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnyway, this is 6 days to go until my Mum and Dad step onto the plane at Heathrow and set off on the journey to see their grandchildren. They'll be staying in Singapore for 2 nights and then spending a week or so in Northland before flying down to Christchurch (via lunch at Wellington with Paul) on the 23rd!

It is gonna be soooo awesome to have them here!
Isn't it Dad?

And today, being the first day of the Christmas month we'll start the work of decorating the house. We've the tree up (discovered in the garage yesterday whilst looking for something else and Jack saw me carry it in ... it had to go up) and so we'll decorate it later on today.

Liz/Meg news: She is eating and sleeping extremely well and it's only her red slightly sore bum that's of any concern to us. Liz has had some quite painful 'contraction-type' sensations which has left her with quite concerned - I think she's tried to do too much so it's rest and doing nothing for the next week (at least).


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