Kong 11 weeks to go

You know the drill by now - go to KongIsKing and download this weeks diary and enjoy the insight.
Do it before they take them all away and you have to buy the whole shooting match on DVD.

11 weeks to go and the motion capture department is working hard to capture Kong's smallest gestures using Andy Serkis as a template. When motion capture (mocap) is not subtle enough the animators are called in to fill in the missing bits, keep an eye out for some cool previs shots of Kong in Times Square, some mocap wranglers going for a bit of a ride, '21' year old Andy Serkis and rows upon rows of PCs! How many gigaflops does it take to make Kong?

First trailer is still the only one doing the rounds on the official King Kong movie website.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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