6 weeks to go and it's planning time

Image hosted by Photobucket.comLiz and I are now into planning mode. We've started tapping people on the shoulder to be around/ready for us ... well, me. Liz has sorted out Meg's clothes, of which she has so much that if she wore each item once for a maximum of 30 minutes she'd still not get through it all.

Meg herself seems to be planning a double somersault, triple pike ending with a gracious entry into the world. And why do I say that, because she kicking the b'jesus out of Liz at the mo' and it can only be for such an event.

Liz has definitely moved into , "Tired now, be nice when it's over".
She gets out of breath quite quickly (squished up diaphragm and therefore little space for the lungs to do their normal work). A few times we've even had Liz feeling like she's gonna faint ... nothing like tat yet but still.

Sarah (sis-in-law and designated driver for the birth), Liz and I will be visiting the Christchurch Women's Hospital sometime soon-ish - if for nothing else so that we know where it is and how to get in.

All jolly exciting really.

But I've still not connected like I had with Jack. I'm sure it'll come ... and I'm now gonna to sloooowly re-focus from work and the like to Meg and Liz (and Jack). Starting with this posting.

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