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Queens Birthday holiday - trip to Lindale

Mums' boy - not actually part of the trip but a good photo

The following were taken on the Sunday of the Queens Birthday holiday at Lindale up the Kapiti Coast. It's a 'petting farm' with a load of shops selling local produce. Jack got a bit scared of the large (person-in-costume) bee at the Honey Shop.

If you're thinking of going up then do it but don't expect too much.

An All Black, a sheep farmer and a wee liddle sheep-y

Liz and Jack enjoy the Kapiti ice-cream (a highlight of the day out for me)

Jack and Dad

Demanding sheep

Mike, Jack and some cute piggy-wigs

Jack and kid-sized icecream. Has taken him a million butterfly-licks to get this far

Mum about to feed the crazy chickens