Juggle-Man ... I bounce balls for your delight

(inspired by an article at SunnyO)

The question from Morphess to my "Juggle-Man ... I bounce balls for your delight" comment was:

And fair enough. So here's a description of the man himself.

He's a short, thin guy with a face that's looks like it's seen life (ie, all major creases are deeep). His remit seems to be to stand in shop doorways wearing brightly coloured and quite tight (!) "circus" type clothing that is topped off by a woolen beanie that Jack would be proud of.

He lays out a piece of cloth in front of him to "perform on" with something next to it (can't recall if it's a hat) for the punters throw their golden coins into.

He then stands there with two or three balls (tennis?) bouncing them on the ground whilst, with puppy-dog eyes, he watches the crowds slip by him.

He's usually doing a sort of, "Hey look [bounce], look [bounce-bounce], look at me [hold-out-balls-for-all-to-verify], I'll juggle for you [throw-in-air, catch, almost-juggle ... bounce]" thing.

And as far as I can tell he never juggles because, the times I've seen him attempt it, he drops the balls after which I'm sure most people think, "What the f... I could do that".
All that practice and still no juggling. How does he manage to live?

But, he was on a TV ad for Wellington once. Didn't get any money for it - booh hiss.

Who else should have a blog article about them?


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