Well done some, not so well done others

So far the rugby weekend has been a mixed bag:

Six Nations
Well done to the Welsh Rugby team (and no-one else, can't stand the "We did it" emails I'm already getting - "WE?"). Anywho, they (the squad) absolutely deserve the adoration they're about to receive from the Welsh nation. Awesome work.
I see the Welsh U21's did the same as well - that bodes well for them.

They (the Welsh fans) are now claiming world supremacy (understandably I s'pose) and the number of "Bring on the All Blacks" calls is quite astounding. Surely getting into the British Lions is first and then the All Black "Grand Slam" tour at the end of the NZ season.

Super 12
'Canes let themselves down once again. After a blinding start with 3 away matches under their belt they fail to deliver at home. Nothing new I must say and, "Expected the Unexpected"!

Crusaders whipped the Blues (Auckland) big time. It was good to watch.

Sevens World Cup, Hong Kong
The NZ Sevens are on track and have managed to avoid the upsets that have befallen England and South Africa (Tunisia?!). Final day today, go hard boys.

[updated 21-March]
Oh well, Fiji were just too fast for the NZ boys. Shame, and I feel for Gordon Tietjens who asked for support from the NZRU/S12 players but didn't get it.


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