Marie D'Esple

Finally, the companion to P.R. Nelchael's very kind offer and probably related in a spiritual way to llew's GOD.

[Updated 29-March-2005] Marie has a friend

So, the envelope, it's pink and the picture on the front is so much nicer than Nelchael's - exactly the same format though with same posting address. The contents are a little disappointing with only the 'sales document' (for want of a better phrase) and a return envelope (same address) - no freebie, no 'special gift' - hmm, not starting of well ...

I won't go through the whole thing (but keep a look-out for the scanned versions of both coming in the near-ish future) but here's a few edited highlights:
In the way that others have received a Revelation and good fortune, you are going to be graced with the personal right to win an enormous sum of money.

On April 22, 2005

Yes, it appears that $490,000 is destined to come to your house in Wellington!

Not bad! I wonder how the money will appear at my front-door, by taxi?
The same miracle that happened in Peru in 1960 will elevate you with its glorious power and make you the most brilliant person of the year.


As previously noted the letter then properly opens with
My dear Mike,
Among all the letters I have had the occasion to send during my life as a medium, this one has touched me the most.

I have the immense pride and great privilege of announcing to you that you are going to experience an historic situation and a unique event. On April 22, 2005, you will not only witness one of the best-known miracles in the world, but you will also be the beneficiary of it. Yes, the beneficiary of an enormous kitty just shy of $490,000

It's no accident that I am revealing to you what it is! You have a pure and generous soul, one that can benefit from the sacred power of the Miracle of Peru.
Don't forget that I am a medium and that my powers permit me to know astrally the most private details of those I observe.
Makes me feel a little nervous ... but I'm sure she means well.

But before telling you more about the changes that are going to take hold of your life, I would like you to first read the story of the Miracle of Peru.
Nearly there ...

The story of the MIRACLE OF PERU has been widely talked about in the press for sixty years.
Yeah, right - check out the Yahoo! search results and the Google equivalent ...

He [friend of writer] had the immense honor of meeting Pia Seboldo, the little girl (today a beautiful woman) who was the first to be called by the mysterious angel.
Here is the authentic story of the Miracle of Peru.

Well the bits I can be bothered to type in ...

Pia Seboldo, 57, recounts:
When I was little, an American tourist gave me a snowglobe contained New York's Statue of Liberty... I dreamed of living out this scene ... I lived in my native land, Peru, with my eight brothers and sisters, and my parents on a little farm outside a small village.

In 1960, I was 12 years old .... My favorite book was the Bible ... He [God] was my friend and I was on intimate terms with him ... but sometimes I didn't have anything to say to him. You could say that I was being blasphemous ... [I was] planning to suffer the fires of Hell later on.
... April 22, 1960 ... my snowglobe ... slipped out of my hands ... bumped into a sycamore tree. When I tried to approach the tree .... I saw a dozen white doves .... They all looked at me!
... I heard a woman's voice. She asked me to go and find my friends ...
... at first no one wanted to believe ... I convinced four of my friends ...
... the doves were gone. Then spanning several branches, an angel appeard to us .... and in its hand, it held a rosary ... again asked us the same thing. ... we left to find other friends, then our parents.
Sounds like a heavenly pyramid sales scheme so far!

.. all the inhabitants of my village were assembled at the foot of the angel ... seventy-two person in all.
"The lords of Heaven love all their children." These were the only words and only message.

WHAT! Sounds like a long way to come just for that!

It was at this moment, at the base of the sycamore's trunk that strange rosaries appeared ... one for each person present. Seventy-seven ... Since that year, we have all become rich ...
Aha - I sense a purchasable item ... and limited offer as well.

What I have never revealed to anyone is that when I returned the next morning to the sycamore tree, I found other rosaries. I have preciously guarded them in secret all these years
Ooh, the sneaky bugger - she'll "suffer the fires of Hell later on" for that one!

Today I am giving them to you ... Pia took a piece of embroidered material out of her pocket where she had carefully kept the rosaries given by the angel. She made a gift of them to my friend ... when one of these roasires is received by a pure soul the miracle will be reproduced.
Gimme, gimme, gimme ....

You have so much merit.
You are the only one I want to offer this miracle to because this miracle is the bringer of money, lots of money!

... I am ... permitted to deepen my research concerning you ... I have seen it! Something unlucky is creating an obstacle to your happiness !!!
My pendulum clock is never wrong.

Neither is mine now I've had the parts dusted, but I digress

I don't want to scare you!
I don't want to be scared!

... but I am obliged to tell you that you have an evil object in your home!
Listen to me carefully!

OK, now I'm scared

.. an object that was purchased at a flea market ... could have been a gift ...
What bastard gives you an "evil object" as a gift. I tell you, my mates are gonna cop it when I find out who it was!

... the negative waves that emanate from this object cancel all your lucky waves.
Could be that mysterious severed monkey paw I s'pose.

Put your mind at rest, you can destroy this evil spell ... to fight against evil, you must call upon celestial forces.
Then there's a quick mention of the money I'm gonna win - just so I don't forget and get too bogged down with the monkey paw I s'pose.

For several days I have had the immense privilege of hanging at my home

Up all night thinking up that name weren't they!?! It lists what it can do for me - money, dispell evil spells, yada yada yada ...

You are unjustly under the influence ...
Frequently, and often at weekends I've noticed.

.. you deserve my help
The puzzle of the Sycamore Rosary will never be solved because there is nothing to solve ... What is is essential is to know that: In less than 90 days, your life will take a new direction,and your happiness willl be my reward.
I willl not delay sending you your Sycamore Rosary.
Oh, OK ... no mention of money at all ...

For your part, don't delay sending me the expression of your desire to receive it, remember that time is of the essence.
It would be a shame not to receive your uniquely providential winnings because you were late in your response.

I remain faithful and devoted to you with all my heart,
I embrace you,
Marie D'Esple

And that's it ... ah, hang on, there's the "Coupon To Grant My Ultimate Wish" ... loads of repeating the benefits, 'rush me with all urgency' and then, there, last few lines - what I have to do:

I am sending you my contribution of $33NZ + $4NZ for shipping to receive it in a discrete and unmarkd package for a total of $37NZ made payable tyo Marie Desple by:
and then standard credit card type info.

But wait, there's more - "Please carefully read the next page ->" but it's just crap about "What is a Miracle?" and "On the subject of the Miracle of Peru".

So, there we have it folks. I leave you with my favourite line:

... you the most brilliant person of the year.

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