An attempt by David Farrar to be nice

The Green MPs - and I don't mean by that subject heading to say that he failed, far from it, I wish others would try and do the same.

BUT, some of the comments that have been left have been fairly scathing - along the lines of "How dare you try and find something nice to say" followed by either, "You're totally wrong, they're all complete [fill in ranty word]" or "You've gone totally soft".

But, I'm no here to talk about that - one of the comments deserves highlighting. I'd love to link directly to it but just can't find out how, so I'm gonna cut-and-paste it here:

shortly after nandor was elected we were travelling through wellington in a bus; sitting in the back seat, being noisy,laughing, as you do.

this little old lady hopped on. after she'd paid her fare she looked down the bus and saw the dreads, started a bit, and headed in our direction.

because she was fairly frail the bus driver was waiting till she was seated before starting again.

it was one of those frozen moments. we were all watching the old lady.

she came up to us and said to nandor "i've been riding buses in wellington for over 50 years, and this is the first time i've seen an mp on one. i'd like to shake your hand".

which she did, then turned and walked slowly almost all the way back up the front of the bus (where little old ladies sit).

the bus then took off; everyone, bus driver included, had a big grin on their face.

it was one of those moments.


Posted by phil u at March 8, 2005 08:36 PM

(all relevant copyright and ownership are David's not mine)

That story has gladdened the cockles of my heart and made me grin both inside and out, thanks 'phil u' for making my day.


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