Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Action Station Opens In Miramar

Location: 82 Para Street, Miramar, Wellington 6022, New Zealand
When Jack and I saw the signs of movement a few weeks ago in the ex-Wanda Harland shop on Para Street we were very happy bunnies - a movie / comic / animation shop, w00t!

And I'm happy to say The Action Station is now open to all following a successful opening yesterday!

We popped in briefly today say hi to Dylan Coburn the owner and was welcomed with a grand handshake and a run-down on what he'd love to see. Dylan has worked in the animation industry for sometime and wanted to have a place those like him could come, sit, catch-up on the latest industry news and peruse top notch animation focussed books.

Click to see more photos of The Action Station
Dylan at work in The Action Station (Miramar, NZ)

It's definitely going to have a very laid back vibe and, with Dylan having a space to do his work, I can easily see it becoming a great source of inspiration for the kids of Miramar that are thinking of letting all those creative urges fly free - we are the heart of Wellywood ;)

Oh, and it's never going to have a "corporate feel"

All the information you need:


Visit THE ACTION STATION in Miramar, Wellington for GRAPHIC NOVELS, and books on FILM CRAFT & COMIC CRAFT in the ACTION realm. Offering the latest DELUXE printed products from MARVEL & DC COMICS and many other publishers committed to excellence in action!



  • Weekdays: 12 noon - 2pm
  • Friday: 5pm - 10pm
  • Weekends: 9am - 3pm

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Misogyny of New Zealand As Exhibited By Don Brash

Having just read Don Brash: a turbulent private life (Stuff, 10th April, 2014) I find Don Brash's underlying misogyny (as I read it) very depressing, far more than his cries of, "Oh woe is me, I work too hard [but that's not a bad thing is it, eh eh, wink]"

The first statement that made me reel a little was this:
She not only bore me two wonderful children ...

Maybe that's just language from the 1950s coming through and doesn't mean what I think it does - good little pack horse, did her job well!

But this:
... there is an awful lot of adultery going on. And perhaps that is why devout Muslims require women to be covered from head to toe.
It seems to me that the great majority of human males are programmed to find women sexually attractive, and that programming goes way back in evolutionary time.
... there is an extremely powerful biological urge which most men have to learn to control.

Really, it's a woman's place to ensure she doesn't tempt the men is it?!?

  1. Fucking grow some balls and take responsibility for your actions
  2. Women also find men sexually attractive
  3. Men are NEVER talked about like this

But the most depressing part of this article is that Don Brash is (and always was) representative of a substantial (but by no means majority) portion of the New Zealand populace. He says what they want to hear because he thinks like them.

When Don Brash was in politics at least they weren't hidden - in fact I applaud him for standing up for what he / they believe in. But now they are unrepresented they are hidden behind louder more politic voices .... but they still think what they thought when Don was around.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Back In Front Of An Audience With Smelly Books

What's the cliche everyone spouts about public speaking, something about people being more stressed about public speaking than dying  and therefore they'd rather be in the box than giving the eulogy.

Not so for me, I am at home there on stage with a well prepared and rehearsed talk that interests me and I know is new, in parts, to the audience.

But it's been a while since I upped and spoke. I think it may have something to do with the last talk, an Ignite session entitled "Paul Henry Wants Me To Be Your Governor General". The talk I delivered to a packed Paramount audience however was not the one planned and rehearsed as I got out onto the skinny branches and changed it completely the morning of the event. And if you know how Ignite talks work you know that's not a normal state of affairs. All in all I didn't disgrace myself, got something off my chest and still manage to look attendees in the eye to this day.

But I took a step back from speaking.

For a bit.

aimee whitcroft (@teh_aimee, G+) is both a force of energy to behold and a caring/sharing person that seems to want everyone to shine and blossom. She also loves nerds, geeks and everything that its in between and to that end runs nerd nite wellington ( Every few month or so 3 speakers get up and have up to 25 minutes ("if you're not boring") to let the audience at The Hotel Bristol (Cuba Street, Wellington) know what their passions are and why it's so interesting.

aimee finds these people by asking - usually a tweet goes out and the hands go up.

My hand went up just before Christmas with a title of, "The Glorious Smell Of Books" ... I don't know why, it came out of me before I had a chance to be introduced. By then it was time to have the Christmas/New Year holiday to end Christmas/New Year holidays (proof in colour) and all talk of nerds and nites was well and truly forgotten.

"Can  get a bit of a blurb to go with the title please?", was the reminder from aimee as 2014 started to rev it's engines and cracking into the race towards 31st December. Oh, yeah, of course, um ... how's this:
There are book smellers and those yet to admit it to themselves. With the inevitable, unceasing and inorganic move to electronic books are we going to lose a deeper connection with the words we read and the pictures we marvel at? Mike will, through that aid of smelly books, fancy diagrams and spoken words, remind you of this declining world before painting a picture of the glass and metal empire we may end up serving – hands up who smells their iPad.

Mike, vell, he’s just zis guy, you know.

Seemed to go down well. Then there was the timeline for getting the preso to aimee.
Now, aimee has been doing this quite a number of times (I was part of nerd night #21) and so the instructions were fantastic ... I even gave Prezi a whirl, but gave up and went back to a 'normal' Google Slides instead.

In compiling the preso I learnt so much, especially the around the science of smells and books. It also challenged me to think hard about what the new world of electronic story telling/reading will be like and will we truly lose something or not.

Before I unleash the smelly books on you though I have to say a few words on Chris McDowall (@fogonwater) and Jules van Cruysen (@xy_eats) talks. I loved them! Chris is someone who's work I've admired and shared for quite some time and so it was a pleasure to talk with him, his new adventures (and how our paths cross) and listen to him talk, "On Delight".

Jules was brilliant and, from his "The Beer Geeks vs The Terroiriste" talk, has given me the most memorable slide of the night, "What is the difference between a wine tasting and a beer tasting?" ... ok, the answer slide was the most memorable as it garnered a massive, "Of course!" from everyone :)

I hope you get the opportunity to hear them both speak on these and other subjects at some point in the near future (not sure if their slides are available, sorry)

And so ladies and gentlemen, here's my preso.

Oh, before you begin, I'm a big one for using pictures and then talking so you may not get the most out of the slide deck itself, however scroll down and you'll see the opening slide, click on it and voila, all the slides with my notes which is almost my script - enjoy ... and of course I'd love to know what you think

Or click this opening slide below to see slides with my notes which will make much more sense:

Thanks to all that came on the nite - DO NOT miss the next nerd nite as it will involve a Kraken!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Yes, THE Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

It's no secret that Peter Jackson owns the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car and every year he lends it out to a series of events in town. One of those regular events is the Seatoun School Gala to which the family trotted along to this morning.

Enjoy the steampunk-ness of the car ...