What's The Best Conker Tactic?

The game is easy, pop a conker (a horse chestnut) on a piece of string / shoe lace and find someone else who has done the same. Take turns to hold up a conker by the string allowing the opponent to take a swipe at it with theirs. First one to smash the others conker wins.

Easy, simple, and yet devilishly difficult to survive a whole conker season.

Oh, and scoring for the season. We played the "winner takes the defeated's score".
So, if your conker had won 4 games your were a four-er. If you then beat a conker that had won 10 previous games you were now a fifteen-er, 
  • 4 (your previous wins),
  • + 10 (defeated conkers wins),
  • + 1 (the game itself)
  • = 15
Tactics that I know of include:
  • Soaking in vinegar
  • Drying using heat (oven/radiator)
  • Wrap the string around your fingers and have a close swing at it
  • Wait until your opponent has had a few battles before going in
How would you attempt to survive the intense conker season?
Close up of two horse chestnut seeds on a wooden table that would make great conkers for the game.


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