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'Ye olde worlde' of Wales, and many parts of the UK, holds a special place in the tourism industry. Of course it does, it's what people like you and me are after.

It conjures up solidity, mystery, simpleness, history, and a certain book/movie feel that fits in with our internal images of what 'ye olde worlde' should look like - we really are in Diagon Alley, this really is Robin Hood land, this is actually where Holmes lived. 

Wales does not let you down, it has tonnes of places like this just waiting for you to photograph. But if that's too difficult to make happen then be happy in the knowledge that I have done it for you (inland and coastal). For the next few months (I suspect) you're gonna see a lot of 'ye olde worlde' Wales.
A dark paved pedestrian street with street lights in the distance glowing yellow and lighting up the old houses and shop fronts.

btw: I remember when Church Street had a tarmac covering and they dug it up to lay down the 'olde worlde' paving stones to give it more of the feeling we all crave.


  1. Great photo. Remember Round Ear?

    1. I absolutely do, where the world of music opened up to me. I can still feel the plastic on the albums, and the excitement of rummaging through the racks


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