[Updated] Pubs of 2024 Monmouth

"Back in the day", yada yada yada, yes we all know there were more pubs than people, there was a pub every two houses, the largest number of pubs per square mile than anywhere in the known universe, there was a pub named after each and every one of us, and yet, YET we only ever went to same one every time.

Monmouth has changed, it now only has 10 pubs. 

"Ten! Ten? It used to be ten pubs just in the top of town. There were ten pubs I'd walk past to get to my local."

Yes, yes ... times change, we now have 10 pubs in Monmouth.
Oh, and the Mayhill but that seems to be more a ghost pub, it can be seen but only in the dark and no-one will believe if you say you went in.

Monmouth, a town in Wales (YES, it is in Wales), a town that has a population of around 10,317 (as at 2021). A town who's 1980's population was, well, I don't know, despite a century of censuses being taken, it's impossible to find (1991: 8,206 | 2001: 8,877 | 2011: 10,508 | 2021: 10,317), so let's say somewhere around 7,800.

Ok, so today we have 10,300 people going to 10 pubs.
Back in the 1980s we had 7,800 (approx) people going to how many pubs, let's list them:
  1. The Mayhill
  2. Old Nags Head
  3. Queens Head
  4. The Rugby Club (was the Druid's Head Inn
  5. The Griffin
  6. The Angel Inn
  7. The White Swan
  8. The Bull
  9. Punch House
  10. The Beaufort Arms
  11. Kings Head
  12. The Vine Tree
  13. King Henry 5th
  14. The Castle Inn (used to be The Gloucestershire Arms)
  15. Borough Arms [Added 20-Apr-2024]
  16. Robin Hood
  17. The Gatehouse (used to be The Barley Mow)
  18. The Riverside (used to be The Rising Sun)
  19. The Green Dragon
  20. The Three Horseshoes
  21. The Britannia
  22. The Royal Oak
(If I've missed any please leave a comment and I'll update the list)

So, this works out at 1 pub for every 371 355 people.

This includes the very young, the old, and the infirmed and I can quite confidently state that not all 7,800 people of Monmouth were attending pubs each and every night. Having said that there were definitely a few doing their very best to keep up the bar attending averages.

In 2024 we have the following pubs (again, if I have missed some or indeed included where I shouldn't please let me know):
  1. Old Nags Head
  2. The Rugby Club
  3. The Griffin (is it a pub though?)
  4. Punch House
  5. Kings Head
  6. The Castle Inn
  7. Robin Hood
  8. The Riverside
  9. The Green Dragon
  10. The Royal Oak
(I know, The Mayhill, but no, seriously, has anyone been in for a pint with the gang within the last 10 years ... no, exactly)

Quick bit of maths and we have 1,030 people per pub. I mean, they'll never all fit!
And if we don't include The Griffin it's 1,144 people per pub.

The times, they are a-changing.


  1. There was the Borough Arms too (bottom of Monnow St same side as Robin Hood - it's now a pharmacy)

    1. Wow, great memory, I'll update the post, thanks mate


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