Fairytale Family

It's amazing how the world allows one particular family to believe they are special whilst wearing shiny hats, holding golden sticks, and place their hands upon balls made of metal. All in the name of taking money, land, and influence for themselves.

Let's look at this Sydney art work reflecting such posturing.

We have a mythical creature, namely a unicorn, chained up next to a lion which is most certainly not native to England. They are prancing around a big badge with more lions and a tiny shiny hat.

Above are the two very congenial ladies shaking hands as they sit against yet another badge of some sort. The lady on the left, with the horn of plenty, needs to sort out her atire, but then again it can get very hot in Sydney.

The elderly lady above sits in full costume with hat, stick, and ball. She does seem to have won the Miss Sydney 188something competition with her sash flung on for the sitting.

Above the elderly lady are, of course, two flying babies.

All this for the local post office, what a family eh.
Queen Victoria's statue on the Sydney GPO Building


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