Places I Have Added To Google Maps

It's only a few but each one makes Google Maps better for everyone ... and my shining glory is right at the end of this post :)

Sir Colin Meads Statue (Te Kuiti, AoNZ)

Remutaka Crossing Lookout (AoNZ)

Eastern Walkway (Wellington, AoNZ)

Angel Wings Mural (Tauranga, AoNZ)

Howell's Place (Monmouth, Wales)

Richard Byrd Memorial (Wellington, AoNZ)

Karahayit Aglayan Kaya (Turkey)

(this is a weird one tbh, but I did legit add it to Google Maps)

Petone Memorial Park (Petone, AoNZ)

Monmouth Millennium Mosaic (Monmouth, Wales)

There's a fair few statues, pieces of art, some toilets, and even a Beach or two but I've never managed to get Worser Bay Beach accepted, grrr. 

That'll do for now as we end on my greatest triumph, I was the person that added this to Google Maps, you're welcome.

Peach Teat sign (SH1, AoNZ)


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