Ancient Bus Ticket

It was the end of 2009 when the paper '10 trip bus ticket' disappeared and the fancy @TeamSnapper card replaced them.

Does it seem 10 years to you?
Wellington '10 trip' paper bus ticket (front)
Wellington '10 trip' paper bus ticket (back)

The Snapper card was also gonna replace all 'loose change purchases' letting you do so much more than just buy a bus ticket:
Wellington City Council will also be Snapper-enabled and spokesperson Trina Saffioti says the payment system will be available at council-owned recreation centres and pools.
[..] a high level of interest from the retail sector, especially from video stores, dry cleaners and shoe shops; 
source: The Dominon Post,  Snapping at the heels of the 10-trip bus ticket [Jan 31 2009]

"Video stores", how the world has changed in a mere 10 years. What's gonna be smiled at in 2030, "working in an office"? 


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