Dry July 2017 - I Won

I was warned that the first week would be the hardest and so it proved to be ... so much so that after my first post I completely forgot about Dry July, didn't have a beer (or wine, or any alcohol) for the rest of the month whilst not caring a jot.

Having 2 weeks of sheer hell with illness helped.

The Cancer peeps got just over $500 (our of a grand total of $385,189) which, whilst being only half of what I was hoping for, is bloody frigging awesome of everyone that donated their own hard cash to strangers. Thank you call so much.
And yes, you CAN DONATE still ...

(Oh, special shoutout to Owen who not only did his own Dry July but bought a golden ticket for me so that I could have a beer (I had 3) during the final All Blacks v Lions test :)

Has it worked - do I feel better about myself? Yes. I am much more conscious of drinking alcohol and I notice myself when I want a beer and not ust dive straight on in. Let's not forget that I'm no alcoholic and so I am doing this out of curiosity and a desire to "try something new" - aways learning.

Thanks everyone, I'm sure I'll be doing it again for a few years and then will most likely move on to something else after that ... maybe become a vegan or something (I don't eat beef anymore, that's a start).


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