Free WiFi In Miramar Just Got Ubiquitous

In the news today was the most excellent "Log on free wi-fi in Miramar". This is the first project brought to you by the newly formed Miramar BID ("Business Improvement District"), which is the first in Wellington following on from successful implementations in Auckland - you might remember the Enterprise Miramar that preceded the BID.

Thanks to the BID team, the 177 businesses Miramar based businesses supporting the BID, WCC and in particular Clr Simon "Swampy" Marsh for getting this going so fast. Here's to a wider roll-out across the whole BID area.

Together with this WiFi Miramar also has free WiFi at the following places - getting connected is now a given:

  • Miramar centre - TelecomNZ
  • The Roxy
  • Gasworks
  • The Library

Let me know ( if you know of any more, but in the meantime enjoy the fact that Miramar is the first and only Wellington suburb with free WiFi - showing the way!


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