The Action Station Opens In Miramar

When Jack and I saw the signs of movement a few weeks ago in the ex-Wanda Harland shop on Para Street we were very happy bunnies - a movie / comic / animation shop, w00t!

And I'm happy to say The Action Station is now open to all following a successful opening yesterday!

We popped in briefly today say hi to Dylan Coburn the owner and was welcomed with a grand handshake and a run-down on what he'd love to see. Dylan has worked in the animation industry for sometime and wanted to have a place those like him could come, sit, catch-up on the latest industry news and peruse top notch animation focussed books.

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Dylan at work in The Action Station (Miramar, NZ)

It's definitely going to have a very laid back vibe and, with Dylan having a space to do his work, I can easily see it becoming a great source of inspiration for the kids of Miramar that are thinking of letting all those creative urges fly free - we are the heart of Wellywood ;)

Oh, and it's never going to have a "corporate feel"

All the information you need:


Visit THE ACTION STATION in Miramar, Wellington for GRAPHIC NOVELS, and books on FILM CRAFT & COMIC CRAFT in the ACTION realm. Offering the latest DELUXE printed products from MARVEL & DC COMICS and many other publishers committed to excellence in action!



  • Weekdays: 12 noon - 2pm
  • Friday: 5pm - 10pm
  • Weekends: 9am - 3pm

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