Day 01 - A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

I know it's more than one but it's one at a time and if you only look at the one then it is ... enjoy

  1. I "own" the Monmouth (Wales, UK) Flickr group which is an exercise on connectedness (I love in New Zealand!), absurdity and nostalgia.
    I'm also doing other things online for the love of it

  2. As I get older I become more and more concerned about flying and heights

  3. It's true, I really did once apply to be a manager of a local "sex shop"

  4. I still use to check that I have a connection to the web

  5. I became a Kiwi (NZ citizen) in 2005 ... it seems so long ago and also a mere blip on the life-rader

  6. I hate meme's (I know, I know) but here's a couple I have succumb to that contain all sorts of interesting (yeah, right) formation about me:

  7. My surname, Riversdale, is both made up and (therefore) extremely rare.

  8. I was born on a Saturday and the family legend has it that my Mum started the process because of a rather hot curry eaten that evening. I love curries.

  9. I've been playing with computers since school and I'm still waiting for the fucking things to become useful and a little less demanding. The way I see it is that computers are entering the teens and we're in for a turbulent time but we're getting there.

  10. I have never been naked on stage.

  11. Whenever I'm a tad bored or just starting out into the wide beyond the question than often (not always) pops into my mind is, "I wonder what Clint Eastwood is doing right now"

  12. Whilst I've done side one of the soundtrack to my life I am completely and utterly stuck to what side two will have.
    By the way this is a box set with as yet undetermined number of LP's :-)

  13. I'm a traveler, a restless soul, an adventurer, a person that gets bored easily - "Read all abaht it, Mike is a traveler, get the latest here!!"

  14. I am immortal

  15. My first language was French


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