Nadolig Cymru In Aotearoa

A teenage Welsh Christmas afternoon in New Zealand (2017).

Mike's Ukelele gig costume

Flickr: Mike's Ukelele gig costume

It's gonna be a pipper of a Saturday evening, what what!


llew said…
I'd have guessed it was a still from the Tin Tin movie!
Anonymous said…
that.... is freaking awesome.

meg looks stunned.
Anonymous said…
Class all the way! Dare you to show up for coffee Monday morning wearing that :-)
Mike Riversdale said…
:-) (Mat, I assume) - unfortunately the ensemble minus the AWESOME RED SHOES have to be back at the Costume Cave, otherwise you know I would :-)
Mike Riversdale said…
@Che - ha ha ha ha, she thought it was brilliant and wanted me to wear it all day, I politely declined