FAIL: NZ Vodafone Pre-Pay Top-up Process

For reasons I won't bore you with I was forced to use my credit card to top up my pre-pay Vodafone mobile phone last night. Well, I attempted to.

I called 777, followed the prompts and having entered my mobile number (WHY? I was calling from the damn thing) I was then asked for a PIN*
Huh? What PIN???

Ok, let's try a different tack.
I called 777 and pressed 0 to talk to someone.

"Sorry, you do not have enough credit to make that call"


* Never say "PIN number" as that is "Personal Identification Number Number"


  1. That's because they want to charge you $1 even before knowing if it's a real problem on your side (can't use the self help?) or if it's a problem on their side (our servers are down)...

  2. My theory is that Vodafone want to make it difficult as possible to encourage you to go on account; nothing else explains the awful UI of pre-paid top up. I mean, you are trying to take money from your credit card and give it to Vodafone & they demand you setup a credit card number and pin etc; why would they make this difficult. I feel like a failure, but just buy a pre-paid top-up at a shop when I need it; if having people print out bits of paper is the easiest solution in 2008, then you know the system has too be non-optimal.

    Compare this with how easy it is to say top up your TM account.


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