Kids 2: Read the pigeon books

Buy/borrow the pigeon books by Mo Willem and read them to your kids, you will love them!

The pictures are so simple yet totally engage with both your wee person and you. The humour is brilliantly over the top and yet so real. And almost as an off shoot your little person will learn something - the best way to learn.

As an example, here's a page from Don't Let the Pigeon Say Up Late!.
If you have kids that are old enough to talk and reason then you'll totally connect with the pigeon as it tries to sweet talk you into letting it stay up late. And the best thing is that the reader gets to be the parent and has to say, "No!", oh the joy as Jack realises that he's arguing against what he will be saying in about 30 minutes time :-)

(click for biggest version)

Have a wee click on the books to read more about each one ...


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