A catch-up on life - non-smoking,

(the use of bullet points is only to ensure I keep up with the Jones, or in this case the Martha-like craze currently spreading Wellington ;-)

Going very well. Gave up on March 10th for the ten year break.
Oh, if you've not heard the rule I've set myself - I have given myself a year of smoking (if I want) every decade (aged 30, 40 , 50 all the way up to 140 when I expect to take on new future vices involving alien pancreas' and strange other world drugs). And so, when I turned 41 I had to stop. And did.

To be fair I did have a few ciggies at Brenda's birthday party a weekend or so ago (thanks Lesley!) and so will have to watch it when the following occur in unison:
  • I am out
  • Liz is out
  • There are smokers at our table
Otherwise ... all good.
Wouldn't say it was easy but the early days angst are gone.

Work lives
Vista Coaching (http://www.vistacoaching.co.nz) is going from strength to strength!
I am just so impressed by how Liz makes it happen and happen in such a seemingly effortless and "it just should be so" manner. Top stuff and I am learning!!

MiramarMike (Ltd? - http://www.miramarmike.co.nz) is really gaining momentum and I am having to stop others putting their fingers into my pie or (if you prefer) resist the call to place more irons into other fires.
The last day of full-time occupation at Fronde is Friday 16th May - but I will be full way before then!

The plan this week is to start moving the efforts away from the "support structure" which is all but done - oh, getting help with re-designing the work website and blog ... it needs it!! Focus will therefore be on the potential clients ... meetings already starting to fill the week!

Oh, and prepare my workshop for next week's conference in Hamilton.
And fulfil my writing requirements for the blogs (1, 2 and 3)

Kids, schools and the rest
  • Kids are snotty
  • Kids are gloriously happy
  • Kids make me laugh out loud, head back and from the belly so many times
  • Kids rock!
Visiting Worser Bay School for Jack tomorrow as he'll be leaving Kindy and becoming a "big boy" (his phrase) start of June. It is gonna be awesome and I am booking time in the calendar to celebrate it all with him before, during and after - it's so easy to focus on boring work and forget real life.

Oodles of "everything else"
Apart from the MiramarMike (Ltd?) work I am working with some kick-ass people around a whole host of other ideas. I am introducing Agile PM ("SCRUM") on a project, I am talking about cool-as "thought leader" things and getting involved in more things than I have time for ... I will have to cut back!

Liz and I are also meeting/re-discovering some totally awesome, creative and "see/do things differently" people that we'd love to get to know more. We're realising that the standard way isn't the only way and is probably the worst way. We're also starting to deconstruct the way we spend out time in order to build it the way WE want and not the way others/society expects us to live it. All ongoing work really and nothing out of the ordinary (for us) but something we're spending a little more energy on than normal ...


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