Spam can be so funny

I miss the real spam letters (delivered by the postman into my postbox) I used to receive from Marie D'Esple and P.R. Nelchael having to rely on the email ones for my giggles. Here's some classic spam sitting in my Gmail Spam folder* - firstly the naughty ones:

Re: Bigger
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Do you think Tricia and I would make a good couple?

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I was also questioned about Emma, Michele and Rosa ... what a team

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Then there's the plain weird:

As category he occultate
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The evening of the very day on which they went brought a note from Mr. "It is so cold, so very cold--and looks and feels so very much like sn "True, true," cried Mr. Knightley, with most ready interposition-- "ve The misfortune of Harriet's cold had been pretty well gone through bef

Here is one hot new s to ck with lots of exciting news
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it their
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At last the Mouse, who seemed to be a person of authority among story concluded with the Appeal of Alice to the spectre of Walter I dare not give the remainder of the scene, except in a very to guilt and shame, and himself perish by the hand of his
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. . . . .. . . . .

Here is one hot new s to ck with lots of exciting news
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. . . . .

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* Gmail is quite amazing in how it removes the spam from my sight - I have about 3-5 spam emails in my InBox each week and, over the past 30 days, there's been 1,500+ spam emails sent to me using one or other email address I have.


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