Hustle for Russell - pay $75 for a benefit bash in aid of a top New Zealander

Never met the man. Don't know his son. Didn't have an inkling about the reason until I read about it.

On the other hand, I wouldn't miss what he writes, love that he's constantly educating normal (non-geek) everyday Kiwi's about this whole "online malarkey" and, to be honesty, it just feels right to support.

Short details:
  • Russell's son has Asperger's (and in NZ here, here and Russel Brown on TVNZ (video)) and requires home schooling
  • They have found perfect home teacher
  • Teacher costs many thousands/year
  • His mates and various companies reckon we could help
And the how:
We have sorted some great bands (a private The Clean gig, crossed with some SJD and mixed with some Chris Knox - where you gonna find that anywhere else?), some great drinks (like a special 42 below cocktail), and some great auction items (like accommodation at The Quadrant, an array of gaming fun, morning tea with Prime Minister Helen Clark, dinner at Blowfish, advertising packages and much more).

Yes the people who know Russell Brown in real life and through his online ramblings have got together to help him and his family out. We are having a benefit auction bash and you're invited.

If you would like to attend the Hustle for Russell benefit bash, please email and order your tickets for $75 per person. The event will be held at Blowfish Sushi in Parnell on Monday 19 March from 7.30pm.

Full details at the Public Address blog posting.

If you do nothing else but spread the word then on ya!
note: image is linkable and steal-able


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