Knowledge Management job advertised for Christchurch City Council

Yep, the one I will be keeping the seat warm until the end of June.
If this is you ... or helps with understanding with what I do ... check out the Seek details

The guts of it is:
As Knowledge Management Specialist you will be focussed on formulating strategies, processes and polices to champion organisation wide knowledge retention and sharing so that the organisation’s ‘know-how’, information and experience is shared and leveraged inside and (as appropriate) outside the organisation.

We can assure that you will experience -
Huge challenges,
Leading edge technology,
Impressive personal development,
Diverse career scope and a fast paced, friendly team that's committed to achieving the very best every day - with a bit of fun tossed into the mix!


Applications Close Monday 29th May 2006

The Christchurch City Council is partnering exclusively with IDPE Consulting with regards to the recruitment and selection for this position. To register your interest for this position please contact Michael Stewart at IDPE Consulting Group on (03) 365 4750. Alternatively email or visit

Note, you'll have to have all the relevant permits and rights to work in New Zealand.


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