King Kong, second trailer up

Image hosted by Photobucket.comFinally, the second King Kong trailer is out at the Apple trailers site in English, Spanish and German. It comes in 3 sizes (small, medium and fullscreen ... of course and various massively sized high definition versions) - enjoy.

The actual film is premiered on December 4th and out for you and I December 14th.

AND, there's something called A Look Inside which I'll get and let you know what it is. I think (it says) that you'll need QuickTime 7 which is also a bit of a large download (33.6Mb) as it has to come with iTunes 6

[Updated 5-Nov]
Well, have got the trailer and it's pretty awesome - the reaction from Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts) to seeing Kong come to her rescue AND the Empire State Building stuff are both kick ass.

To clarify what's actually available. There are 3 downloads now:
  • Trailer
  • Teaser - the first trailer 'renamed'
  • A Look Inside - a sort of mini production diary/trailer/making-of combo

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