New Orleans

Fuck. Normally I don't do the "in the news stuff" but this is pretty fucking terrible.

A hurricane comes through, everyone seems to have dealt with it but then it just seems to ooze into badness. Everytime I hear or see the news it's about how more and more people are dying. And it's not because they're a million miles away from help or that they can't afford the help or that there's no-one around to help. But, for some reason, there's seems to be no help.

Not for everyone. A lot of people are being helped. A lot of people are getting taken away and saved. A lot of people are OK. But, for some reason, an awful lot more people than I'd expect seem to be dying.

People are also being complete bastards and trying to get "one up" on the other. Riots, rapes and looting is happening. Fuckwits are taking advantage. Pricks are doing their best to step on the rest.

And now they have explosions and fires.

'Mr President' doesn't seem to know what to do. His "headlight/possum" look is, once more, in full view. What a tragedy for the American people he and his are.

And I'm sure the people dying didn't want him to be their President.

Yes. I am making the connection. Poor (primarily) black people are dying (not, though, Fats Domino). Rich white people (generally) that are in power don't seem to be shifting their asses to help.

Apart from Mr Clinton and Mr Bush who are off doing "fund raising" - horse, bolted, stable!


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