Week 17, nowt to report

My mum sent a book of Welsh firstnames (over 1,200) that we'll be trawling through to see if there's any that are pronounceable and won't leave the poor blighter open to Kiwi taunts for the rest of his born days ... if Baby X is a boy of course.

Meg(an) for a girl - it's official.

There's not a lot to say really - s/he's growing all the bits required ... probably. Nothing to worry about and therefore nothing to think about.

3 week until we know 'Baby X's gender ... hopefully; these scans can sometimes not give out the appopriate pictures to make a call.

With all the other potential changes happening in my life (more when it happens) the fact that we'll be a four person family in mid-November isn't really top of the list.

See everyone (!) at The Wiggles concert next Friday. We're going to the 10am mosh but will be safetly ensonced up in the balcony away freom the tough 3-year-olds.


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