25-25, huge win by the Pumas

In front of the biggest crowd (65,000 Lions watchers including some stunning Puma fans) the British & Irish Lions team will face they were taught a lesson in rugby, how to play it and have fun.

The Argentinean amateurs (incl. one French restaurateur) and retirees ran the Lions 'C' side ragged. They also denied, with some awesome defence, the opposition any openings although the Lions backs were fairly quick off the foot but keeping a hold of the ball was a challenge.

With 5 minutes of extra time the Pumas were defending a 3-point lead, a lead they had never relinquished during the game (19-16 at the break). The Aussie referee, Stuart Dickinson, gave Johnny Wilkinson the final say with a penalty kick and the Lions were saved from total humiliation ... probably.

On the plus side for the Lions ... no one was red-carded.
And Mr Wilkinson kicked as well as Federico Todeschini.

And so, support the Pumas Six Nations cause - they totally deserve it

All Blacks
As a side note: what do we think of Justin Marshall and his media-paddy? Prat!

If he wants to 'force the issue' and find out if he's gonna be playing against the Lions then ask them, pick up the bloody phone, send a txt, use email just don't cry about it via the newsmedia.

And if he truly believes that, "... I have got to weigh up whether I'm going to be selected and whether my heart is in it," then I say stuff off to the UK now, let someone with passion have the position and stop bleating.

Breakfast report
Johnny and I briefly caught up with Mr Reasonable at Arizona before settling in to their equivalent of the 'big breakfast'. Not a bad effort with the bacon the stand out player. The mushrooms were a big disappointment coming covered in some sauce thing (condensed mushroom soup I suspect).

At $31 (incl. two 6 out of 10 coffees and an OJ with ice) it was that side of expensive.

But at least the Arizona was open and had the game on.

Oh, and the chairs are the least comfortable chairs I've watched rugby in for a very long time.


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