Fifth Annual Weblog Awards - results are in

The Fifth Annual Weblog Awards have happened and the only category we care about ("Best Australian or New Zealand weblog") has the winner of ... what's new pussycat?

NOT, bizgirl ... still, I'm sure Natalie's having a grand old time in Austin, Texas anyway.

What else, oh, maybe James and Natalie have got it right with the Wellingtonist re: Gothamist's win. And 'how to blog by tony pierce, 100' is pretty good if you're out there Pimping Ya Blog (tm) and complements my own 'Blogging, the story so far'

BTW #1: once you've loaded the Bloggies page scroll down and down and down to see the results - nice usability, NOT!

BTW #2: What is up with Blogger, it's bloody slow and cranky at the moment ... sort it out geek people putting coal in the engine!


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