Work, you gotta love it

Yep, trawling through the Christmas Special email from TV Cream (still the best British nostalgia site going) and feel into OFF THE TELLY: Comedy/The Simpsons/"Cartoons Have Writers?".

A good weekend - part one of the food shopping, the BBQ went off well and we even got sun (it's been pretty shocking for the height of summer here in NZ - the South Island even got some snow the other day!) and a chilled night last night. Unfortunately both Liz and I (Liz more so) are fighting off a touch of flu-type symptoms (Liz has a wonderful cough that's slowly driving us all mad)!

And VCR's are about to become a thing of the past - I'm gonna wrap the old crappy one we have (Liz bought it for $50 from a garage sale a few years ago) and then present it to Jack on his 16th birthday. But never fear, the UK has the best Chrtismas entertainment going and if you're in the UK you have to go and see ... the panto!


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