Meg is a mere 3 or 4 weeks away

Image hosted by Photobucket.comDue date: 13th November (20 days from now)
Final possible birth date: 23rd November (30 days)
Allowable (according to me) birth date: anytime from 1st November (8 days!)

Crickey malickey!

We're ready though:
  • Liz's "overnight" bag packed
  • Duties dished out
    most important Carol looking after Jack; Sarah getting Liz to the hospital
  • Back up for me sorted
  • Meg's clothes ready to rock 'n' roll (50%+ pink ...)
  • Bassinet ready
  • Room ready
  • Parents-to-be ready(ish)
  • Liz is most definitely ready - any time now is good enough
  • I'm ready to be there and do my bit ... whatever it might be
  • And everything else we need to do - done
Ah - car seat for the wee girl not yet done but that's basically us ready to go.

All jolly exciting ... in fact it's so real now I can't wait. Work is probably about to slip to second place in the "what's happening in your life Mike?" stakes pretty darn soon (maybe the end of this week) and then it'll be all on.

Ooooh ... oooooooooooooooooh!

And boy, is she getting ready to come out - there can't be any more room in there surely! She's making Liz's stomach go into some very strange shapes as she shifts herself around. Her head is down, not quite engaged but lining herself up for the grand arrival - more than Jack did, he even moved back up during the attempt at labour (he came out the sun-roof after a day of not much action).

So ... that 'birth wall' looms closer and closer. By the "wall" I mean that strange event on the life horizon beyond which it's impossible to see over/around/past - think your final school exams, the first day at a new job a week before you turn up or the arrival of a child in your life. With Jack it was one of the walls that nothing beyond could be seen - no matter what the already-parents told us, no matter how many hints the family gave us and no matter how many just-become-parents were wheeled before us the birth of Jack was the focus, the be-all-and-end-all, the deal. I don't think I gave the hour after the birth a thought let alone the rest of our lives!

But this time it is different, whilst that wall is getting higher and broader the closer we get we know there is life after birth and we can see after it. Christmas is coming folks!

Oh, and Liz's "you left me again last night" dreams are still going strong ... never once have I managed to run off with someone famous though, ho hum :-)

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