Christchurch has (some) Christmas street decorations up

Those tinsel-y things that are shaped like stars, reindeer and the like, you know, the sort that hang off lampposts like banners. Them. I saw a few up on the north end of Columbo Street just before Cathedral Square - for those in Wellington that's the equivalent to top of Willis Street so you can see it's town but not quite.

I trust it's not too confusing for anyone out dressed up as a witch or hobgoblin tonight ...

And I told you sometime weeks ago how Farmers already has its Christmas decorations out
*bah* *humbug*

Oooh, Oooh. Trick-or-treater's at the door ... very cool, good makeup, well deserving of a handful of Warehouse lollies/sweets - and yar-boo-sucks to those that don't like it :-)


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