Define Political Correctness

Image hosted by Photobucket.comMy view: it's all arse. And those that have a job in anyway related to such arse are merely talking about arse.

For further in depth discussion check out my ancient posting, Political Correctness

If you want to leave your views then may I humbly suggest you add them to those at llew's most excellent posting, Define Political Correctness please?

For those not of a New Zealand bent or just not taking notice the reason "Political Correctnes" has raised its silly head in the passed few days is that the Parliamentary opposition (National Party) has appointed Wayne Mapp as "spokesperson for Political Correctness Eradication" ... exactly, huh?!? - maybe this NZ Herald article will help. Or maybe this very funny (or is it) Handicapped Parking Must Go article from Public Address.

As far as I can see it's a job to spend money ensuring we think whatever we like but only say it in sanctioned ways, i.e., none of that namby-pamby, liberal leaning, hippie-speak that the current government has been spending money ensuring we can think whatever we like but only say it in that sanctioned way.

Nice article off The Greens blog from which I leave you with this:

The Waikato Times editorial today says:

If Dr Brash was really serious about eradicating political correctness Wayne Mapp would be called the bloke in charge of banning bullshit.

Golliwog picture from the excellent The Golliwog Caricature at the Jim Crow Museum Of Racist Memorabilia, Ferris State University, Michigan, USA


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