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Things are good as well as bad

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt's been pointed out to me by close family (the Cantabrian side of the family I hasten to point out) that I can be a little negative about Christchurch in this blog. I also do something, Liz highlighted a few days ago, that I really don't like other people doing ... I'm generalising.

Yes ... the man that will slap you down in a blink of an eye when anyone comes out with sweeping statements has, in the recent past, said:

No-one seems to go anywhere on the weekend. I mean, what do they all do? In Wellington most people go away, say over the hill, and get a different perspective on life

Not good eh?
And wrong on so many levels.

So, to even it up a little here's the very cool stuff I've discovered in Christchurch:

There ya go ... how's that?