Simpler Times

Putting on #WellyTech at the stadium was a big undertaking but it pales into the background of what has happened since this photo was taken. Pithy lesson #525: No matter how hard you think life is right now, it's gonna get harder . Hmmm, maybe this instead - No matter how hard life is right now you will survive . Or maybe, today are the memories you'll look back on fondly , that's the one.

Goooo Grease Lightning, Grease Lightning, Go Grease Lightning

It's another stunning day here in the capital of the south island and after a morning of working at home ... no, truly, I did do some work, in fact I can get about twice as much done at home than at work - twice as much writing that is, meetings are harder for me.

Anywho - it's a lovely day, been with a gang of work colleagues to see the fishes and Kiwi's in the Square (check out Southern Encounter) at lunchtime - it was sweet as. And I'm now about to bugger off to the pub for another meeting before a night out on the town.

And I'm getting myself in the mood (and any others that care to join me there) by playing the Grease movie soundtrack. And up comes Grease Lightning.

Now, for those that know me from the school days this will, I am 100% sure, bring back one particular memory. The school review. Snow White and the 11 Dwarves. Andy Sparkes (hey mate) in a leather jacket. The choreographed moves. Rob Potter (hey hey) dressed in a nappy on a bike ... "I want my mummy".

It will never leave me and I'm so glad about that.