King Kong, the pre-release malarkey builds up

Second trailer for the Kong movie is out next Thursday but in the meantime get in fast with the latest PPD (7 weeks to go) as it could be all gone in 24 hours :-)
With 7 weeks to go we are shown 'The Mix' Part 1 featuring Chris Boyes, Ethan Van der Ryn, Michael Hedges & Michael Semanick. These 4 men are in charge of mixing Kong's sound together, the special effects, dialog and music all have to weave in and out to form a cohesive mix of sound that is both pleasing to the audience, and effective enough to work alongside with the visuals in the film. We get to see some great footage in all stages here, from finished work to blue-screen shots...and some great T-rex footage too! Take a look!

Oh, and this film better be successful - like he's not sort of a pretty penny or two, but still:
The film director Peter Jackson has been forced to pay a fine running into millions of dollars for going massively over budget on his latest project, King Kong. Jackson, the man who set Hollywood alight with his epic cinematic trilogy of The Lord of the Rings, has included an array of blockbusting special effects in the film, which alone are estimated to cost as much as $32m (£18m). The fine for reaching an extraordinary total budget of $207m is expected to be split between Mr Jackson himself and his production company. The News of King Kong's extra weight and girth - the running time, originally intended to be about two-and-a-half hours, has shot past the three-hour mark - seems to have been greeted, however, with nothing but excitement and pleasure among executives at Universal Pictures.

And it's gonna be a monster experience at a massive 3 hours long!
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 26 - In hiring Peter Jackson, the Oscar-winning director of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, to remake the monster classic "King Kong," Universal Pictures took a daring leap, paying him $20 million to direct, produce and be the co-writer of the film. With seven weeks to go before the movie's release, the risks are becoming clearer. After seeing a version of the film in late September at Mr. Jackson's studio in New Zealand, Universal executives agreed to release "King Kong" at a length of three hours. The film is substantially longer than Universal had anticipated and presents dual obstacles: the extra length has helped increase the budget by a third, to $207 million, while requiring the studio, owned by General Electric, to reach for the kind of long-term audience interest that made hits out of three-hour movies like "Titanic" and the films in Mr. Jackson's "Rings" trilogy.

And finally - check out the US poster:
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First trailer is out, second next week. Available on the official King Kong movie website and in huge and glorious resolution at the Apple site.
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