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8 weeks - get your Kong diary now

From the site today (25-Oct, 1:33pm)
UPDATE: Please Note: We have removed this PPD Entry for the time being, it will be back up this space for more info!

Before it all goes and you have to pay for it on DVD - 8 weeks to go
Kong is King! Or at least the '33 model is treated like one at the Wellywood studios in New Zealand. Bob Burns and his wife visit the production with a very special guest, the original King Kong model. The Burns' get to shoot a special cameo for the 2005 film (also Peter's final live action shot) and the model makes its way around the studio...easily distracting everyone in sight. Then something very VERY special happens...I am not going to spoil it for'll have to see for yourself! Take a look!

First trailer is still the only one doing the rounds both on the official King Kong movie website and in huge and glorious resolution at the Apple site.
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