Virtual Friday musings

I know it's not Friday (hell, it's not even Thursday for some parts of the world) but as I'm off to Wellington tomorrow and it's been a bloody busy (BLOODY BUSY) week I've decide to celebrate Friday today and not wear the suit.

Tomorrow I might wear a suit just to prove to people back home that I do :-)

Anywho. I was, as I do nearly every work day, listening to the Morning Report on the National Radio this morning and I noticed that I had something to say about a large proportion of the articles and/or news items. And that's usual ... this time I made little notes to myself (on the phone, once again Adam, thanks).

So, here's my random "Friday" musings:

Sports associations giving money to assist with the earthquake recovery
How come there's been a limited ie, none until I heard that the International Cricket Board are donating some money (and all gate receipts from the Aussie game on Saturday), response from sporting associations (soccer, cricket, rugby and the like) to the earthquake in Kashmir?

Limited compared to other events.

I recall the rugby people, which is the biggest sporting association here in NZ, getting in behind the North v South game for the tsunami event last year ...

Is it where the event occurs? Is it the number of dead? Is it a political decision? Is it random?

On what basis do people in associations / companies / governments make such decisions?

"Paki" - eek, made me shiver
Leading on from the above as I left myself a note I shortened the word 'Pakistani' to 'Paki'. I felt quite bad for doing that. In the UK it's a racist word used to put down Pakistanis.

Here in NZ though, it doesn't have the same level of emotion behind it. Much like 'Wog' in Australia just doesn't mean what I thought it did ... imagine my shock, bemusement at the film Wogboy!

The looks I got
Interersting looks from people as I stood waiting for the bus this morning. Mostly the people driving past me seemed to be either "work men" or "mums with kids". How could I tell - type of car/van/ute and how they looked. Yep, more assumptions from me.

But, I got a lot large of them looking at me as they drove passed today. Yes, I do keep a tally. Well, you know, it's about self image and the like. Anyway. Today, as we all know, I'm not in the suit but am looking sharp as a pin (or "very casual" - the general consensus). White shoes might be doing it.

What makes people turn their heads is quite weird. For me it's usually good legs.

And finally ...

Women's wage levels dropping back from men
(sorry, couldn't find a link anywhere to the actual NZ Statistics media release)

This isn't good. Oh, oh - what's the difference between a 'wage' and a 'salary' - anyone?

I've worked for women nearly all my life (3 exceptions out of 9 real jobs) and 2 of those exceptions the bosses boss was a woman and/or the higher echelons were mostly women.

And I love it.

I don't know the affect women have on the organisation culture and I'm gonna steer well clear of making any more assumptions and/or proclamations from on high for today. All I do know is that the organisations that have been primarily "women focused" (I know what that means for me) have been wider focused, forward thinking and clever users of information/knowledge.

And I love that.


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