Maxim Institute - what's your view on them?

I find them very dodgy, full of pre-conceived (!) Christian ideas and extremely dishonest and leading.

But, my biggest issue with them is that they have the answer ... yep, they've got it all for you if you want to be spoon fed, they can set you right and take away your capacity to think.

And it's all just "right-wing" Christian whitey's at it again!

Oh, and they and their ilk have both reviled the word "liberal" and changed the meaning of "conservative" whilst at the same time baddying around "political correct" willy-nilly.

My view, what's yours?

No, I don't want to link to them, makes me feel a little icky ... oh, go on then, but they wouldn't return the compliment:
For comments and investigations into them check out:


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