What's been going down with you

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSorry, I seem to be stuck in some white-guy version of talking in hip-hop. I will cease and desist this instance.

To start again - how are you doing? Long time no speak! You having a cracking good time then? What's new and friendly in your life?

As for me I think the week's gonna be not too shabby. I've managed to arrange my work time so that I don't have too much on ... except for Wednesday when I meet a whole bunch of people to start talking around some of the grander ideas I have. It will be an interesting meeting as I'll be talking with a bunch of very technology and process focussed people about "knowledge" and some fairly intagible and potentiall hard to grasp stuff. Luckily it's only the start of many meetings so all I'm aiming to do is get people thinking about it.

And then I fly back to Wellington for a weekend back home (ooooh yes, it's still home and always will be). Back in Wellington around 4pm, out for a beverage with the lads after they all finish work and then a weekend of fun stuff. Please do join me if you can.

I think my perfect Wellington weekend will involve the following (in no particular order).
  • Beer in some of the local haunts (Malthouse, WBC, Leuven, down Courtenay Place ...)
  • Beer in a new place
  • Brunch with the mates
  • Walk around the harbour
  • Watch a rugby game with my mates (I know, it's NPC but it's still rugby)
  • Maybe a movie at The Embassy (what's on?)
  • Wander the shops and take in the atmo'
  • Listen to good live music
  • Jaunt into and around Te Papa
  • ... what else people, any festivals/events on?
When push comes to shove it's my mates I miss and to be honest as long as I'm hanging out with them I'm a happy bunny.

I then leave early Sunday afternoon to return to the fandambily- well, can't be away from the wee fella for too long can I, not now that I don't get my Thursday with him. I miss that.

Picture from Flickr: The Wellington, New Zealand Pool


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