Simpler Times

Putting on #WellyTech at the stadium was a big undertaking but it pales into the background of what has happened since this photo was taken. Pithy lesson #525: No matter how hard you think life is right now, it's gonna get harder . Hmmm, maybe this instead - No matter how hard life is right now you will survive . Or maybe, today are the memories you'll look back on fondly , that's the one.

4 weeks (28 days) to go until I kiss Meg

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI know, it could be counted in days. Don't forget this is to the non-fixed date of Sunday, 13th November.

So, what's it like being this close ... quite exciting actually. And very scary/nervous-making. Even though we "done it before" with Jack we most certainly haven't "done it before" with Meg and much the same as we tried to prepare ourselves for the wee fella by reading loads of books (best Up The Duff by Kaz Cooke) there was no Rough Guide To Jack Riversdale. And there's most definitely not been a delivery of Lonely Planet Guide to Megan Hannah Riversdale (1st edition).

But even more 'dangerous' is thinking that because we do have Jack and have survived thus far it will be all the same. In fact, it's very easy to think that we'll just go through the same actions as before, that she'll be as easy as Jack was when he was a very small bub and that life will be much the same just in a different place.

It might.

But I suspect the chances are VERY slim. She is an individual and not a clone of Jack (or anyone else). She will be different in oh-so many ways. Hey, I'm sure we'll notice similarities and even get terribly boring (for Meg) and say, "Aaah, that's just like Jack" ...

So, as you can tell by the rambles, I am in full-on preparation mode. She's coming, the arrival board has her on the top row, she's on time, all systems are go, the arrival party is prepared and we're all hoping for a smooth, easy and even quick landing.

I can't wait and have butterflies in my tummy thinking about you coming Meg ...

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