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Wellington painting - in progress
Check out this Wellington painting from Viscount of Jive on Flickr - I love it.

What do you bring to NZ?
Loads of talk about the Kiwi-way and I pondered what I bring to the mix. This came from hearing about the awesome growth of the Diwali Festival up in Wellington.

So, what do you bring?

CB radio
Saw some ute drive passed with a stack (3, I think) CB-type aerials and it took me back to the days of CB radio in my bedroom. They deregulated the UK CB radio scene back in the late 70's early 80's and it was the thing to get one - so I did. Me and my mate would chatter away using all the lingo, natter to the truckies and generally have a cracking time - was definitely a community thing.

Did it happen like that here AND does it still have that feel about in the UK or has the Internet and mobile phones taken over?

Our youth
Since the nastiness in Auckland (and reported in Wellington) has raised the news-level of the "youth". My question is, what youth? Is it all "youth"? Is it your "youth"? Or maybe it's everyone else's "youth"! Such sweeping statements as, "... the youth of today ..." are just pointless and get no-one anywhere.

Oh - and someone said it was "violent TV" that was the cause. What about films, music and video games, surely they must also be picked on and not left out as the cause!

Bloody generalisations - hate 'em

On the way to work I passed a van/truck which sported the following:

We collect your fat

Wow, there's a call for such a service!


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