Party games for a 3-year-old's birthday party

What I'm expecting once the booze hits the 3 year oldsSo far it's:
  • Statues - play music (Wiggles), everyone dances, I stop it, everyone has to stop and be a statue
  • Pin the ... on ... - not sure I can draw a donkey but something
  • Bobbing for apples - might be a wee bit 'old' for 'em but we'll give it a go
  • Jumpy Fing - a Jack/Dad Riversdale game involving cushions, launching oneself off the sofa and general rough and tumble
  • Treasure Hunt - pray for good weather so we can get them all running around like idiots
  • Keep The Balloon Up - a filler-in as I'm sure it'll only last 30 seconds
  • Mummy Wrapping - in which the children wrap willing volunteers up in toilet roll -- the best mummy wins
  • Mike Says - coz I like the power
  • Pop-the-balloon - nice idea found on-line
    All the children gather in a circle, holding hands. Everyone moves into the center and on the birthday child's mark begins blowing. The circle expands getting larger and larger until you can no longer hold hands and "POP" everyone falls down laughing. Toddlers and young children love it!!! child grab a balloon at the same time and try to pop it.
And so - other ideas from you all are gratefully received.

Source of some:
BabyCentre: Planning a birthday party for your three year old
Kids Domain - Party Games
PBS Parents: Birthday Parties: Age-by-Age Planning


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