C4 comes up trumps one more time with the 48 Hours Finale

C4 can be very good ... it's got its fair share of "music channel" dross but it's willing to do more than just play the latest hippity hop. Last night Liz and I settled down to a bottle of red (very nice) and stumbled across the 48 Hours Grand Finale ... and we loved it, heck Liz even voted (for the eventual winner). If you're a regular reader of Wellingtonista then you'll know all about it .... if you've no idea then checkout 48Hours or watch the finalists at New Zealand Short Films.

When I get back to Wellington (Jan 2008 if not earlier) then I want to be involved in such a crazy scheme - more than happy to be involved with those that know what they're doing OR be part of a "lucky first time winners" :-)

And it's passion like Brewster Kahle (what a name) that'll get us into the finale ...


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