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Crossroads - a classic UK soap operaI'm sure this has been done before but it was a while ago and for the life of me I can't remember where, when, who, why or ... well, maybe I don't remember it really.

Aaaaanywho - check out Nine Rooms and the relevant characters blogs for, and I quote from Cliff the director:

It went live today and it's a dramatic comedy narrated by its characters though their blog postings. I've been planning this for a couple of months and trying to find out if anyone has done anything like this before and amazingly, I don't think they have.

So I contacted some of the best writers I know and every week we post to our characters's blogs who follow a plot which rolls out in all kinds of twists and turns over next several months.

Please read it and if you enjoy it like I hope you will then please tell your friends about it.

Apart from this post and this site, my name doesn't appear on it anywhere so there's no connection from Nine Rooms back to me, so you can send Nine Rooms round the office or whatever and if you choose not to tell anyone that I created it, then that's cool with me.

The main thing is that people can read it, follow the story, identify with the characters, post messages, chat about it with their friends - whatever you would do with a sitcom or drama, except it's blogs.

The writing staff are: Ben Piears who writes Alan Cross, Bonnie Gillespie (in California) who writes Gina Nelson, Paul Gibbins who writes Joey Standton and me directing and writing Claire Goodwin and Nick Stampfer. They are all brilliant and they're going to make this lots of fun.

This will either fly big time or crash in flames but I think it's the trying that's the most fun - on Cliff and his cast for just going for it and I have already added the feeds to my online desktop AND, using the glories of Netvibes 'eco system' you too can add the "Nine Rooms" Netvibes tab.

Add to netvibes

Keeping up to date with RSS
One small problem-ette, they don't list the RSS/Atom feeds for each blog; easy to rectify though - simply add '/atom.xml' to the end of each Blog Web address and you'll be fine. Example: for Claire (at her feed is
If you want to import all the Nine Rooms feeds here's a wee OPML file for ya:


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